Report: New Survey Reveals the Top 20 Brands on Facebook by Loyalty

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Report: New Survey Reveals the Top 20 Brands on Facebook by Loyalty

LoudDoor, a Facebook Insights Preferred Marketing Developer, introduced Brand Satisfaction, a new dashboard powered by over 1 million monthly survey responses. The largest market research of its kind, Brand Satisfaction tracks every major brand on Facebook and how likely Fans are to recommend those brands to friends or colleagues. Brand Satisfaction provides marketing and insights professionals with access to hundreds of demographic, behavioral and attitudinal details about audiences they follow. For its first study, Brand Satisfaction compiled millions of responses from Facebook Fans of over 15,000 Facebook pages to determine the Top 20 brands with the most loyal Fans.

The surprising survey findings reveal that a non-profit tops the list over brand stalwarts Facebook and Google:

1. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

2. Facebook

3. Google

4. Walt Disney World


6. Xbox

7. Starbucks Frappuccino

8. Google Chrome

9. Duncan Hines

10. Adobe Photoshop

11. Tim Hortons

12. Hershey's

13. In-N-Out Burger

14. Dove Chocolates

15. NFL

16. Portillo's


18. Disneyland

19. Dollar Tree

20. AMC Theatre

"Demographic and behavioral data is the cornerstone to understanding a brand's Facebook audience and powering game-changing marketing decisions," says David Guy, CEO of LoudDoor, a leading research and audience targeting platform on Facebook. "Rather than relying on highly subjective social chatter or experimental 'listening' technologies, Brand Satisfaction does the hard work of asking brands' Fans directly about their attitudes, behaviors and motivations. We then package this powerful data in a simple dashboard interface to empower brands to harness their Facebook asset."


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