Rapid Growth at Mercury Print Productions Leads to the Installation of a Third KODAK PROSPER Press

Rapid Growth at Mercury Print Productions Leads to the Installation of a Third KODAK PROSPER Press With a KODAK PROSPER 5000XL Press installed in July 2011 and a KODAK PROSPER 1000 Press installed in December 2012, Mercury Print Productions is preparing for a third press to be installed at the beginning of 2014. A leader in digital book printing for the education market, Mercury Print is based in Rochester, N.Y., and will use the new KODAK PROSPER 5000XLi Press to broaden its offerings of short-run, on-demand book production for existing clients while also adding other services to attract new business.

“We have believed strongly in Kodak's Stream inkjet technology from the very beginning,” said Christian Schamberger, President of Mercury Print. “For us, the combination of cost, quality, and technology, along with the future direction of the company, have all played a role in our selection of Kodak for all three of these inkjet presses. We have been extremely pleased with the performance, reliability, quality, and support that we have experienced with Kodak. This additional press enables us to increase our capacity and move into areas such as full-color, personalized direct mail.”

The PROSPER 5000XLi Press was introduced earlier this year and features the Intelligent Print System (IPS), which combines in-line video monitoring and advanced software controls to process thousands of press inputs that measure imaging performance, detecting variations and making adjustments as needed on the fly. Optimized output color quality is achieved regardless of varying substrates, image content, web speed, and environmental conditions.

In addition to the new capabilities provided by IPS, the PROSPER 5000XLi Press was engineered and built with a range of other features to optimize print speed, ensure smooth operation, and maximize productivity. These include an auto-adjusting intake system that simplifies changing paper stocks, a variable-length paper path to improve drying, and an advanced drying system that adjusts for ink load, web speed, and substrate.

“Due to the continuous innovations engineered into this press, our customers are able to really grow their businesses with the quality and productivity they are experiencing,” noted John O'Grady, Kodak's Vice President and Regional Managing Director, U.S. and Canada. “It's not at all uncommon for our customers to add an additional press once they see the initial benefits and client impact. Mercury Print is a great example of a customer that understands the market and the opportunities, and is taking a leadership position by embracing the latest innovation.”


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