Performance Network Theatre Forms 'Artnership' with Creative Rights and Pop Up A2 for BRILL

Performance Network Theatre forms a special "artnership" with Creative Rights and Pop Up A2 to install visual art that follows the theme of the current and upcoming shows in the theatre's lobby. Brill by David Wells with music by Frank Allison (now - February 10, 2013) features works by Adam Bota, Lea Bult, and Katie Halton in the theatre's lobby for the duration of the performance. For tickets or information regarding the pieces call 734-663-0681.

Brill is a world premiere by emerging playwright, David Wells with music by local celebrity, Frank Allison of Frank Allison and the Odd Socks. The story follows a washed up big band musician in the world famous Brill Building in Manhattan when a young woman arrives at his office with a guitar, her ambitions, and a few secrets. Performance Network Theatre is Ann Arbor's award-winning professional theatre and is dedicated to engaging, challenging, and inspiring audiences and artists. The works in the lobby by Bota, Bult, and Halton reflect the themes of music, the city, and inspiration of Brill.

"I performed in Creative Rights' In Progress in the fall and found the collaboration with visual art and performance art fascinating," said Performance Network Theatre's Marketing Director, Marissa Kurtzhals. "I mentioned the idea of the partnership to Creative Rights' Executive Director, Brandon Weiner and he was extremely enthusiastic and ready to join forces! It has been a pleasure working with Creative Rights and Pop Up A2. We could not be happier about this exciting new project and look forward to brining artwork to our patrons throughout the season."

Creative Rights is the result of several years of careful and thorough planning by its cofounders, Brandon Weiner and Travis Rimando, two recent graduates of The University of Michigan Law School. Mr. Weiner and Mr. Rimando have founded nonprofits in the past and have extensive experience in the operations of both art and legal nonprofit organizations. As professional artists prior to law school, the cofounders are uniquely positioned to understand the needs of their clients. For more information on Creative Rights visit

Pop Up A2 is a client of Creative Rights and was commissioned to head the collaboration with Performance Network Theatre. Pop Up A2 curates "pop up galleries" much like the project at Performance Network Theatre. Pop Up A2 is dedicated to nurturing contemporary art and promoting community engagement with artists. For more information visit

Ann Arbor Artists, Bota, Bult, and Halton submitted their pieces to Performance Network Theatre for the chance to have their works displayed throughout the performance. Bota received his BFA in Art from Eastern Michigan University and is heavily influenced by the 19th-century impressionist movement and cites Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, Franz Hals and Marcel Duchampe. He also found inspiration in the transition of movements from Realism to Impressionism, then on to Cubism and finally to Ultra Realism. Bota describes himself as "a colorist that tries to provoke emotion from the viewer through color and design." For more information visit


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