Novati Technologies Launches Nanofabrication Center with World's Largest Portfolio of Product Development Materials

Novati Technologies Launches Nanofabrication Center with World's Largest Portfolio of Product Development Materials

Novati Technologies announced today the launch of its nanofabrication services and manufacturing site, featuring the world's broadest portfolio of product-development capabilities and materials. The newly named company builds on 25 years of technology leadership cultivated from its roots at SEMATECH and, most recently, the SVTC fabrication foundry.

Citing an acute need for leadership in the rapid evolution of technologies away from the historic guidance of Moore's Law and toward a larger set of emerging opportunities, Novati's team of expertise and assets has been assembled to provide the leading edge for an effort aimed at creation of new markets that don't depend on the smallest feature sizes but rather on driving new combinations of materials for products. This drive to incorporate new functionalities for devices that don't necessarily need to scale is regarded as 'More-than-Moore.'

Offering a significant advantage over traditional foundries that typically limit customers to working with no more than 25 elements from the periodic table, Novati's unique position engages a world-leading 60 elements in order to move exotic ideas and breakthrough designs into development and production. Large corporations, small startup ventures and university spin-offs alike report they will use Novati because other venues are simply not able to meet the needs of the most rapid product development criteria.

"We rely on the portfolio of development materials that Novati offers and their comprehensive suite of advanced tools as a critical piece of our equation for going to market," said Randy Goodall, CEO of NanoMedical Systems. "Novati turns our great ideas into reliable, manufacturable technologies that give the world the next game-changing medical products. The nanofluidic chips that Novati fabricates for our drug delivery implants are the first and only ones ever made with long-term Angstrom-level structural stability while inside the body."

Examples of other global advancements created with Novati's novel portfolio and development process are found in the Life Sciences sector, where Novati built a DNA sequencing device that enabled end customers to resolve a mysterious and deadly E. coli outbreak. In a consumer Telecom application, Novati has developed new micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) technology for an elastic autofocus/autozoom lens for cell phone cameras. In Security, Novati has quadrupled the technology roadmap for complex night vision sensors.


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