Need Help With Your 2013 Resolutions? Google's Got You Covered!

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A new blog post from Google this week has revealed a slew of solutions if you need help keeping all of your 2013 New Year's Resolutions. Yes, Google has moved on from simply organizing the world's information - to helping organize the world's resolutions as well.

Eat better

Get fiscally fit

  • To control your finances, you need to know exactly where money is coming in and out. This simple budget template in Google Drive already has you halfway there.
  • If you prefer a more detailed budget, try using an app like Mint to track your finances on the go, available on both Android and Chrome.
  • Keep track of your stock portfolio and related market news via Google Financeor with brokerage apps like E*TRADE from Google Play.

Travel more

  • Use Google Flight Search to quickly compare flight times and costs across airlines. Try the "tourist spotlight" feature on Google Hotel Finder to find a room near the hottest spots in the city.
  • Simply type [tourist attractions <city name>] into Google Search to see some of the top points of interest. Once you have a list of the things you want to do and see, keep it in one place and share it with your travel buddies using Google Sheets.
  • Never get lost with Google Maps. Whether your plans are local or international,indoors or out, comprehensive and accurate Google Maps can help you find your way.

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