MEGA Wins 2013 GRC Technology Innovator Award

MEGA Wins 2013 GRC Technology Innovator Award

MEGA was recognized this week for outstanding technology innovation in GRC architecture with the 2013 GRC Technology Innovator Award.

The award is presented by GRC 20/20 Research, the widely recognized GRC research firm. GRC 20/20 Research was founded by Michael Rasmussen, the industry's pioneer in defining how enterprises can use governance, risk, and technology strategies to advance corporate goals.

Rasmussen said that MEGA's integration of enterprise architecture (EA) and GRC capabilities in one platform "enables an organization to manage a GRC program that delivers value, aligns with core business strategy and objectives, and drives operational performance and process execution."

The award, given to only 12 companies out of 57 nominations, recognizes innovation and excellence in GRC technology. Rasmussen will conduct a Research Webinar on January 31 at 2 pm EST to discuss the awards.

"Every organization does GRC, not every organization does GRC well," explained Rasmussen. "What makes a mature GRC approach - either at the departmental or enterprise level - different from an immature approach is how the organization utilizes process, technology, and information. Technology makes GRC and its individual components of governance, risk management, and compliance more effective, efficient, and agile."


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