HISENSE Unveils XT780 with Google TV

Hisense, Google TV

HISENSE Unveils XT780 with Google TV

Hisense today announced the next step in its rollout of advanced Google TV products in the shape of its powerful new 65- and 55-inch XT780 series of HDTVs. The International CES Innovations Awards panel also recognized the groundbreaking technology and innovative design of the XT780 Series with Google TV, naming it a 2013 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree.

The Hisense XT780 with Google TV expands upon Hisense's depth of experience with the
powerful Google TV platform, allowing consumers to enjoy a new level of intuitive content
discovery and viewing recommendations in addition to enabling simple navigation to integrated services that include Netflix, Pandora, YouTube and more. The XT780 brings Social TV and media, Google Play, web search, e-mail, shopping, news and online videos straight to users' fingertips.

Built on the flexible Google TV OS, the software upgradeable XT780 enables TV-optimized
versions of Chrome, Google Play, Search, TV & Movies and YouTube. Google TV intuitively
searches and sorts through millions of channels and shows across live television, paid and free content services, home networks, apps and the web to deliver the most relevant content to each viewer. Supporting standard and high definition content in 2D and 3D, Flash and HTML5 as well as H.264, MPEG-4 and AVC formats, the XT780 with Google TV powers the most versatile TV experience available for home entertainment today.


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