GroveWare Technologies, a Verizon Wireless Business Solution Partner, Launches Latest MobiTask App on Blackberry's App World

GroveWare Technologies, a Verizon Wireless Business Solution Partner, Launches Latest MobiTask App on Blackberry's App World

On January 30th, two "COOL" Blackberry 10 devices will be launched by RIM in multiple countries. The first two Blackberry 10 smartphones will be launched immediately, with six more to follow next year. Groveware Technologies (OTCBB: GROV), a Verizon Wireless Business Solutions Partner and a developer of mobile process automation apps, has already prepared their app, MobiTask, for the Blackberry 10.

As of January 21, 2013, the MobiTask app is available for the BB10 inside of the Blackberry App World. This gives 79 million Blackberry users worldwide access to the app - and 27 million of these users represent the Business and Government sectors. This provides a massive opportunity for Groveware to provide Mobile Solutions in the areas of collecting field data as well as mobile ERP.

While there are many businesses and governments who have made the switch to Apple or Android, Blackberry still maintains a large number of corporate clients who are security conscience. "People choose Groveware because of the security that we can offer," comments Hrair Achkarian, Groveware's CEO. The company uses a middleware in conjunction with MobiTask that ensures all data is encrypted before it is sent off of the mobile device.

Verizon Wireless has announced plans to launch the BB10. As a Verizon Wireless Business solutions partner, this will allow millions of clients to find out what Groveware is capable of in terms of offering mobile business solutions within the BB10.

For the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) consumer, the BB10 platform provides a significant amount of security, ensuring that businesses are able to use the device that an employee brings into the workplace to help them become more mobile. With the use of MobiTask, it can be used to provide security for enterprises while maintaining security on a person's personal data simultaneously.

Groveware has been a RIM partner, offering a mobile ERP solution with Oracle EBS integration in Blackberry smartphones since 2005. Since Groveware has already launched their popular MobiTask on the Blackberry App World, it enables clients to hit the ground running with their mobility without having to wait for a developer to understand the complexities of the BB10 market. Groveware's primary focus is ensuring that secure data is able to flow seamlessly between the smartphone and the various backend systems of a client.

Companies who want to implement the BB10 smartphone can do so and gain the mobility they want without having to wait, all as a result of the advanced technology and forethought that Groveware has implemented with the app they have developed and launched into the Blackberry App World for the BB10. They can provide the customized solutions to ensure every client can gain the mobility they desire, removing the dependence of paper in the field.


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