Cybero Launches Service to Combat Social Engineering Threats

Cybero Launches Service to Combat Social Engineering Threats

Security intelligence innovator Swan Island Networks, Inc., today launched Cybero-the first cyber intelligence service to deliver real-time, personalized, global threat awareness services for the entire workforce.

Cyber threats are changing rapidly and becoming increasingly sophisticated, yet most successful cyber attacks are still the result of social engineering and human error. In new Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobile environments, humans are the true defensive perimeter. Cybero provides an intelligence and training service designed to strengthen the human cyber perimeter of large and medium size enterprises and government agencies, at the state, local and federal level.

Cybero runs on Swan Island Networks' highly successful TIES platform, which is the primary technology foundation for the Pinkerton Vigilance physical intelligence service and is currently deployed by over 300 large enterprise customers worldwide. Cybero features include: phishing scam alert notification; hacktivism monitoring; cyber awareness tips and best practices; breaking cyber incident news; trusted social intelligence communities; and anti-phishing and social engineering training videos from renownEd White-hat hacker, Kevin Mitnick.

The overall goal is to help enterprise customers address the growing social and human risks of cyber attack, with results that are measurable, and at rates that are affordable. "Cyber security threats are increasing at an astounding rate, and social engineering attacks are increasingly being used to gain unauthorized access to enterprise networks," said Charles Jennings, Swan Island Networks CEO. "Our new Cybero service combines real-time alerts about the changing cyber threat environment with employee training and testing to deliver a comprehensive solution for reducing human cyber risk."

Cybero is delivered as a subscription service from Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Azure cloud. "Because cyber assurance is so critical to our customers," said Charles Jennings, Swan Island Networks' CEO, "we wanted to host Cybero in the most secure commercial cloud environment available. We chose Windows Azure, both because of Microsoft's huge investment in Windows Azure's cyber security, and because it offered our customers a great platform for dynamic security innovation."

Cybero leverages Windows Azure global, scalable and secure cloud platform to deliver cyber security innovation in the cloud," said Microsoft's Karri Alexion-Tiernan, Director, Product Marketing, Windows Azure. "We are pleased that Swan Island Networks chose to take advantage of Service Bus, Access Control Services, and SQL Azure capabilities of Windows Azure to host Cybero."

Cybero operates as a trusted, invitation-only service, provided to business and government customers. To learn more about Cybero and Swan Island Networks' free trial options, please call 503.796.7926, or visit


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