Clean Master: Instagram Video Generates Heavy Cache Clutter

Clean Master: Instagram Video Generates Heavy Cache Clutter

KS Mobile, the innovative makers of free iOS and Android mobile applications, today announced that Clean Master, its cleaning utility application for Android 2.3 and up, has released an update that supports the cleaning of the video cache generated by Instagram and saves users much-needed storage space. Conversely, if a user wishes to save their Instagram videos permanently, they can also use Clean Master as a file explorer to locate them easily. Download Clean Master today at Google Play.

Instagram video surpassed more than five million uploads in the first 24 hours of its launch. Unknown to its excited new users, however, is that the new video sharing platform is proving itself un-cache friendly for mobile users. In the past week, Clean Master has Discovered Instagram has rocketed upward on its list of top cache-cluttering apps.

According to Clean Master, here's how it works and what Instagram Video users should be aware of:

  • Each video viewed on Instagram is downloaded and stored on the device.
  • For every video uploaded, the file is automatically stored in three separate folders on your phone: the cover, soundtrack, and video itself are all stored in different locations on the device.
  • Active users could quickly surpass hundreds of megabytes a day (or: one GIGABYTE in a week) of storage by simply uploading or watching videos.
  • In comparison, typical video sharing apps, for example YouTube, do not store videos in the cache at all.

The discovery spurred Clean Master to action.


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