Amazon Launches Instant Video Finder Feature just announced on Twitter that Amazon's Video Finder is now in Beta!

The Video Finder organizes the Amazon Instant Video catalog into personalized categories that let you browse amongst the video titles you most want to watch. The categories are based on your viewing history for genre, theme, plot, and mood.

You can find AIV Video Finder by going to

To find videos you want to watch

To find a video you want to watch in Video Finder, select the type of movie or TV show you're interested in watching, and then browse through the suggested titles.

To find Prime Instant Video titles in Video Finder, go, and look for titles with the "Prime" banner. You can also select the Prime Instant Video filter option at the top of the page to browse for only Prime Instant Video titles.

To find kid-friendly Amazon Instant Video titles in Video Finder, select the "Rated G or PG" filter at the top of page.

You can browse and purchase Amazon Instant Videos right from your compatible device.


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