AccuPOS Embraces the Linux Platform

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AccuPOS Embraces the Linux PlatformLinux Platform" align="left" hspace="10" width="300">

As advocates press for more freedom of speech and more open platforms in general, AccuPOS' POS software is already ahead of the game. Gone are the days of inaccessibility and clandestine operations; the most progressive POS software is now available on the Linux operating system.

Less horses, more stable

The benefits of using POS software on Linux are multifold. First of all, running AccuPOS' POS software on the Linux platform allows a personal computer to use less horsepower. As anyone who drives a Prius or a Nissan Leaf knows well, the less energy output the better. One might hesitate and ask skeptically: who really wants a platform that runs like a golf cart? The fact is that running AccuPOS' POS software on Linux is actually faster and more stable than running it on other operating systems. Think of it as the Tesla Roadster of operating systems: energy-efficient and secure, yet speedy.

More user control at lesser cost

No, this isn't a paradox. Using AccuPOS' POS software on Linux allows for more administrative control while also providing not only a free operating system, but free upgrades to boot. It's a rare moment when one can find an operating system that allows for more user control with no additional user expense (just ask the segmented group of Facebook users who balk at the idea of their information being used to generate targeted ads).

In sum, utilizing the Linux operating system for running AccuPOS' POS software provides the following benefits:


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